Paul presented to the boys on Monday and they all found the talk very informative. Paul then presented to parents on Monday evening, it was a great presentation. If you were unable to make it, please copy the following link into your internet browser to access the information Paul covered-


Yesterday a group of our boys went to the annual Hunter’s hill Council Seniors Morning Tea to wait on the elder folk of our neighbourhood. They did a tremendous job in waiting on their guests as one email we received yesterday afternoon –

I have just received a call from a lady who attended the Seniors Morning tea and didn’t want to be identified or be put through to your office. She wants the Headmaster to know that the boys at the morning tea were beautiful – that she found them helpful and polite – real gentlemen. She did go on further… but they were some of her complimentary comments”.


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‘Reading for pleasure is the most important way to advance literacy attainment in children.’ (National Literacy Trust UK, 2006)
Reading is the most valuable skill a person can learn and reading for pleasure is the most effective way to develop this skill. Reading requires regular practice in order to attain mastery, much like riding a bike or learning to play a musical instrument.
Research, both formal and anecdotal, confirms that one of the greatest tools for improving verbal and written literacy is reading. Regular reading improves expression, vocabulary, punctuation and spelling while increasing understanding and self-confidence. In short, it empowers the individual and will help increase competence in almost every facet of an individual’s life.

So what can I do to help encourage my son to read?

Acceptance: Accept the broad range of reading in which your son is engaged in. Not all boys will be drawn to reading the “classics” and if this is all we will accept from them, they are likely to further turn away from reading. Encourage your son when he reads a variety of texts including newspapers, magazines, websites, comics, graphic novels, humorous books, fiction and non-fiction. It is all reading and is helping your son further develop his skills as a reader.
Modelling: A male role model is invaluable as teenage boys often view reading as a feminine activity. Teenage boys need to see that men read too. A powerful act is for dad or a significant male to read the same books as your son and open up discussion about this book. It not only sends the message that reading is valuable, but also that your son is valuable and that you are interested in what he is involved in.
Environment: Try to provide a home environment that values reading. Keep reading material available and let your son see you reading. Ideally, set a regular reading time, such as 20 minutes of reading each night before bed. It is important to build a reading culture around boys. On a long road trip play an audio book.
Praise: Praise all efforts your son makes in reading. Do not criticise your son if he is reading magazines or graphic novels.
Tap into their interests: Try to match reading material with your son’s interests. If your son is not reading for pleasure, perhaps begin by purchasing him magazines or information books in his interest area. It is OK if your son is reading comics – encourage this and then start to slowly introduce new and more challenging texts. Have a look at the Top 10 list in the reading pamphlet provided. All of these books are extremely popular with Joeys boys, and most are part of a series and the boys will often get hooked once they start the first book.
Embrace other technologies: Many teenagers enjoy technology so try to get it working for you:
o encourage them to read blogs on topics that interest them
o if they loved a particular movie, buy or borrow the book from which the movie was adapted. The book is almost always better.
o encourage them to go online to find out more about a movie they have enjoyed
o try an eReader. Some teenagers love to read from an electronic device. We have eBooks available for loan in the Joeys library, as do most public libraries.
Don’t give up: keep encouraging him to read.


Good luck to all of our boys representing the College at tomorrow’s Head of the River. We are very proud of every one of you and appreciate the hard work you have put in over the past six months. Race well tomorrow.


On Wednesday evening our musicians displayed their tremendous talent playing their respective pieces in the Br.Michael Theatre. It was an excellent evening, thoroughly enjoyed by all. Congratulations to Alex and Dom Sestanovic, Sam Dobb, Jake Hobday, Sam Browne, Kane Almanci, Nick Davies, James Pollicina, Isaiah Stanley, Ruestam Bhangal, Will Wright, Charles Laing and Ben Duffy on their efforts.


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Just a quick run-down on the requirements of the day – 
-Rising 6.20am 
-Breakfast 7.00am 
-Dress-Blues. Only navy SJC caps and bucket hats to be worn. Plus SUNSCREEN. 
-Dayboy “check in” at Yr.10 Dorms at 7.30am 
-Bus leaves Gladesville Rd at 7.45am. All boys are to be on the Bus. 
-Return at 12.30 arrive SJC 1.30pm approximately.
-Lunch 2.00pm in Yr.10 Dining Hall.
-Free time in the dorms.
-Rally at 4.30pm. Dress College Blues.

-All boys leaving check off with me after Rally. Boys with correct permissions are free to leave after the Rally.

Below is a photo of the College 1st V111. We wish them and all our crews every success on the day.


The boys are very fortunate to have a hard working cleaning staff taking care of the dorms each day. Phoebe looks after Year 10 dorms. I have told the boys she has three children and her husband back home in the Philippines and she gets home for four weeks a year to see them. They should always appreciate and respect the work she does for us. Liam Allan puts his best chef efforts on display by making her a milkshake in appreciation of what she does for us here in Year 10.


Mitch Hoare and Will Dalton up on stage today with cast of the upcoming College musical, “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”. Other Year 10 boys are involved and I will give more details later.

Nick Davies playing at the recent Music department Soiree.