1st and 2nd FOOTBALL 2017.

This Saturday marks the first round of the GPS Football Competition Season when our boys will play against Grammar. Congratulations to Duncan Cahill, Nicholas Diab, Joseph Doherty and Austin Gallagher on their selection in the 1st Football X1 for this season. Emmanuel Rimagmos has also been selected in the 2nd Football X1. We wish these and all our footballers every success and enjoyment for the upcoming season.


Students compete in teams of eight across 10 disciplines: Engineering, Mathematics, Code Breaking, Art and Poetry, Science, English, Ideation, Creative Producers, Cartography and General Knowledge.

The following Year 10 boys were selected to compete as a team: Oliver Sidgreaves, Daniel Gibbons, Angus Dermody, Emmanuel Rimagmos, Robbie Matchett, Kobi Russell, Shae Beynon, Nick Davies.


Last Sunday a number of our boys volunteered to participate in the Ghurkha Australia Challenge, which involved the boys working with the Nepalese Ghurkhas from the British Army, as well as soldiers from the Australian military. The boys had a wonderful experience which culminated with an official dinner in our College Hall with many dignitaries in attendance.


The following is information about an upcoming webinar and resources for parents:


Parent and Teacher Webinar – Michael Carr Gregg: Student Mental Health and Technology
This webinar is being hosted by the Independent Schools Digital Collaboration Network (ISDCN). Please find the link here:

The e-Safety Commissioner has created some new resources for parents related to explicit imagery.

This site includes information for parents on:

• How to talk to your children about pornography (under 8s, 8-12 and teens)
• Conversations aids
• Video content including respectful relationships


Boys went on the Geography Excursion to Darling Harbour and Barangaroo today. Whilst the weather was a bit shaky at first forcing the boys to use any means to take notes, the day went on and the boys got into their work nicely. Later in the morning a few of Sydney’s simple attractions brought out the “youngster” in some before boarding the ferry to take in some information on some of Sydney’s more famous landmarks and also provide them with some moments of wishful thinking. Overall they were a wonderful group to take on the day and we thank Mark Cahill and Donna Quinn for organising it for them.


The boys thoroughly enjoyed having the Waratahs take them for training today. Wonderful opportunity for them to meet and talk with many of their favourite players. Great to see many Joeys Old Boys back on their home ground too!!