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In addition to the topics already available on SchoolTV, there will be special editions released across this year including information on parenting styles, grief and loss, trauma, positive parenting and smartphones in schools. You can access SchoolTV by clicking on this link Or copying the link into your web browser. No login is required.


Always great to see the amount of boys up and active before school whether it be rowing, basketball, tennis or speed and athletic development, which is being conducted by Mr Matthew Rollo each Wednesday and Friday mornings from 6.30 – 7.30am, all boys are welcome. These boys are usually very productive during their classes throughout the day.


Congratulations to the following boys who were awarded Academic Application Awards at today’s Headmaster’s Assembly for their efforts in class for Term 4, 2018 – James ALCHIN, Joshua BARLOW, Anthony BECHARA, Jesse CHEUNG, William DADICH, Jonathon EISZELE, Nathan GIBBONS, Jacob KANAAN, Harvey KEADY, Bernard LUND, Tom MacLAREN, Luca MANFREDI, William J Martin, Henri MEAD, Henry ROBERTS, Enrique SANTOS, Edward SCARF, Alberto SPIGONE, David TALIFERO, Fletcher YOUENS.


The evening study program is from 6.15 – 8.00pm. The boys then move to the dorms to do their various jobs, washing, change sheets and supper. Second session is optional study or evening activities which include touch football, basketball, indoor cricket or training in the Healy Centre. Emphasis is on doing quality work and then getting out and doing some activity and mixing with others before winding down for bed. The boys have been certainly appreciating these opportunities.


Saturday evening dinner in Term 1 is a BBQ down at the back of our Dorms, cooked by the boys. Often an impromptu game of cricket gets under way while the chef’s work hard with some ordinary music blaring in the background! Eventually the meal is cooked and all enjoy a very relaxed and well received meal together.


Congratulations and well done to the following boys for their Academic Awards for 2018 –
James ALCHIN, Nicholas BAKSA, Patrick BURNS, Jesse CHEUNG, Alex CHOI, Ned DALTON, Matthew DODDS, Noah FOGARTY, Angus GOURLEY, Xavier HORTON, Bernard LUND, Jack MADDEN, Luca MANFREDI, William A MARTIN, Dylan McCANN, Henri MEAD, Luca PANUCCIO, Harry PARNABY, Henry ROBERTS, Enrique SANTOS, Edward SCARF, Tom SCARF, William SHEEKEY, David TALIFERO, William TURNER, Henry WORRELL and Fletcher YOUENS.