During the recent holidays a group of our boys went on a Rowing Tour to the United States. Ryan Zauner gives a brief account of the trip and thank you to Lucie Phillips for providing the terrific photos of the boys.

In the term 2 holidays, a group of Joeys boy’s and one Newington boy went on a once in a lifetime trip to America to compete in the American National Rowing championships in Bethel, Ohio. The six of us; Riley Murphy, Henry Moore, Joe Phillips, Kai Paterson, Xavier Horton and I. We commenced training at Sydney Uni Boat club around 2 months before the trip in order to get us in optimal condition for racing. Once testing had concluded, there were two boats that came out of it, one quad consisting of Riley Murphy (bow), Hugo Hobbs (2 seat), Joe Phillips (3 seat) and I (Ryan Zauner, Stroke). The second boat that was decided upon was a men’s double which had Kai Paterson sitting in bow seat of the double and Henry Moore in stroke seat. Along side the two men’s boats, there was also an eight, a four, a quad and three single sculls which were picked from the twelve girls who also attended the trip. Once we departed from Sydney Airport, our 14 hour flight to LA had commenced. We eventually touched ground in LA and had a further 14 hours until we got to Ohio. Once we reached Ohio we settled into our Air BnB and began mental preparation for racing. We had two days training at Lake Harsha prior to racing, which got us accustomed to the vast change in climate from Australian winter to the scorching 33 degree heat of the American summer. Our first taste of racing internationally was the time trials on the first day of the regatta, Tuesday. Everyone from Sydney ended up qualifying into their respective semi finals. The quad came a strong third over all in the U/17 Mens Quad competition. The second day was very much the hardest one of them all due to the sheer heat and humidity. Our men’s quad race was the last of the day. We came through the line second to Oakneck Academy from America which further boosted our confidence and spirits. The final’s day was our last chance to put our best race out on the water for the trip so we gave it our all. This effort was evident through our final result, a solid third place in the final of the U/17 Men’s Quad in the American National Rowing Championships. Evidently, this trip has been a real eye opener into the rowing world for all of us and will certainly help us all to excel in our further endeavors throughout not only rowing, but throughout life by applying the lessons of perseverance, resilience and ambition it taught us.