This weekend sees the commencement of the GPS Competitions in Cricket and Water Polo respectively. Congratulations to the following boys who have been selected to represent the College in these teams-

1st X1: Simon Dodds, Archie Gallagher, and Hugh Ridley.
2nd X1: Nick Johnson and Tom Lacey.

Water Polo
1sts: Corey Brown, Jarrah Ronan, Liam Stuart and Ryan Waugh.
2nds: Dylan McCann, Tom MacLaren and Archie Miller.

We wish these boys and all other cricket and water polo players every success and enjoyment in their respective seasons.

YourCrew APP.

Last term during assembly Amanda Riedel, CEO and Founder of the Harrison Riedel Foundation, spoke about the launch of the YourCrew App. YourCrew is an app for young people to let others in their lives know how they are feeling so they can be encouraged to get the support they need. Parents are encouraged to research the app to see if it is appropriate for their son. If you would like further information on the app please go to the website, or email Amanda directly at

At the College, if you have an concern about your son please contact the Boarding or Academic Coordinators or the Counselling Service on Students who have concerns are also regularly encouraged to follow this protocol.

Best wishes

Chris Hayes

Amanda Riedel addressing the Assembly last Term and launching the YourCrew App.