Web Photos That Reveal Secrets, Like Where You Live

Security experts and privacy advocates have recently begun warning about the potential dangers of geotags, which are embedded in photos and videos taken with GPS-equipped smartphones and digital cameras. Because the location data is not visible to the casual viewer, the concern is that many people may not realize it is there; and they could be compromising their privacy, if not their safety, when they post geotagged media online.

Disabling the geotag function generally involves going through several layers of menus until you find the “location” setting, then selecting “off” or “don’t allow.” But doing this can sometimes turn off all GPS capabilities, including mapping, so it can get complicated.

The Web site ICanStalkU.com provides step-by-step instructionsfor disabling the photo geotagging function on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Palm devices.

Many of the pictures show children playing in or around their homes. Others reveal expensive cars, computers and flat-screen televisions. There are also pictures of people at their friends’ houses or at the Coffee shop they visit each morning.  By posting your pictures with GPS location on you are showing anyone in the world where you live and when you are away

Be aware….

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