ONLINE Calendar nears Completition

The College One stop shop calendar is nearing completion (only reports need to be created)

Parents:  To view and access the full list of calendars you will need your portal log in, this way you will be able to access Assessment information, excursions information not viewable by members of the general public.  Access to the calendar can also be made via the portal

Direct Link:   (You will need your Portal User ID and password)

Please note that any information pertaining to 2009 is test data ONLY and should not be treated as actual data.

Your comment on this would be appreciated…

Online Calendar

After the integration of all the parent accounts in the College network  we are finally back onto the finalisation of the Web based calendars.

The aim of the Calendars is to remove all the different paper based copies of sporting, assessment, excursion calendars that are located in different locations around the school and in peoples folders etc

The Web Calendars will be a one stop shop for all users (staff, students, parents and guests.)

Calendars available:

  • College Calendar – Public
  • Co-curricular Calendar – Public
  • Year 7-9 Assessment Calendar – Log in required
  • Year 10 Assessment Calendar- Log in required
  • Year 11 Assessment Calendar- Log in required
  • Year 12 Assessment Calendar- Log in required
  • Excursions Calendar- Log in required
  • Staff Calendar (Staff Access only)

You will have the ability to filter, that is tick the calendars that you want to see or if you are really keen then you could select all !

The web site would be available by the end of the term…but the official ‘use’ may not be until next year when all calendars come online.

JNet – Student Changes

We have now added a new addition to JNet. for all students.

Under the Applications tab all students now have access to their school timetable and as  well they can book online for study every night.

We will also be increasing the number of application here, with future classes and a list of all classes for students.

Students can log in via and the “Joeys ONLINE”  Select Jnet Log in

Blackout Brings Down School

On Wednesday night a school wide blackout brought down the school for over an hour.

Major interuptions to the College ICT, switching, internet and portal occured.

We have now come fully back online from this issue

Why The Change….

Why did we change the sign in process?
My aim for doing this is to allow parents (and later external coaches) a single sign in. This means that parents once you have signed in you can immediately access JNet (our internal Internet for staff and students) and access the following

Careers web site
Parent documentation – Assessment booklets etc
Video web site
Access to photos
News Web Site

All the best

Gary Evans

Parent Portal Back ONLINE

The portal has now been brought backonline. We have made some changes to the recover password section
Recover Password:
There is a refresh button for users to obtain a different code in case they cant read the one they are trying to type
When the email is sent with the USers ID Number and temporary password… the temporary password is now a 7 digit number for ease of writing or typing it in
For detailed LOG IN instructions — Click Here

Parent Portal Site

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are in the process of moving ALL Parents to a new LOG IN system. This will of course have an impact on your current log in to the parent portal.

The new system provides you with a single sign in which will then let you access:-

• Parent Portal
• All web based calendars (We are moving away from the multiple paper copies)
• Video
• Photos
• Access to the multiple forms – Colo, medical, Assessment handbooks etc

What does it all mean ???? Once you log into the Portal you will no longer require another password to enter the “Forms Sections” or Web based calendars etc

This Wednesday and Thursday the Portal will be OFFLINE while the changes are implemented. From Friday you will be able to log back in BUT you will need to create a NEW password again. Unfortunately we could not bring your current passwords into the new system.

If you are having problems please contact our HELP DESK on 9816-0901 (Mrs Bernadette Clark – 9.30 to 2.00pm ) and we will be able to help.