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What does your son tell you about the food he eats at school?

My name is Meg Phelps and my son is in Year 11 and is now a weekly boarder having started as a day boy. With Mia Sadler, a Year 8 parent, we are the 2011 Parent Representatives on the Food Committee, and we’d like to know your thoughts and ideas about the food at Joeys.

Each term there are two Food Committee meetings, with representatives from Alliance Catering, the Boarding Coordinators and selected students from various years. This started in 2006 when a  new contract with Spotless, now Alliance Catering, was determined.

In Term 1, 2011 we we have discussed: 

  • Supply problems after the floods and cyclones
  • The mystery of the disappearing cutlery (what do Year 12 do with theirs? Seven dozen more forks at $5.47/doz this term)
  • Students dislike of the taste of the orange cordial
  • Nutrition for rowers
  • Lite milk on the tables for Years 7 and 8  (skim and full cream milk available on trolleys)
  • Some excellent beef steaks
  • How long sandwiches and wraps can safely be kept out of cool storage

Changes to the menu and food preparation and service are made following the meetings. In Terms 1 and 3 students from Years 8, 10 and 12 attend, with students from Years 7, 9 and 11 coming in Terms 2 and 4.

 You can find out more about the food at Joeys by clicking on this link: .  

You’ll see links to the menu for the term and the nutritional assessment, as well as to an  email address for comments from parents and students.

We look forward to representing you and your sons.

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