At our Headmaster’s Assembly last Thursday, two of our Year 12 leaders spoke to the school community about the impact that the drought is having on rural families in NSW. This is not an easy thing to talk about when it is so close to one’s heart and we thank Ben Sevil and Angus Carrigan very much for helping us gain an insight into the struggles that so many in our community are currently facing.

Please use the following link to see a video of the boys speaking – http://blogs.joeys.org/year12media2018/drought-2018/

If you would like to donate to the appeal in which 100% of donations will go to Rural Aid Australia, please visit the link below. Donations are tax deductible.



Joeys and King’s have a long tradition of schoolboy sport and membership of the AAGPS. They are two of Australia’s largest and longest serving boarding schools, with their roots embedded in regional NSW.

On Saturday, Joeys and King’s unite to not only enjoy spirited competition between our great schools, but to raise much needed funds for Rural Aid Australia. In the lead up to game day, students, Old Boys, and parents of both schools are asked to come together and donate for those in drought stricken areas.
To make your Donation, visit www.joeys.org/donate

The joint Joeys and King’s initiative will see 100% of all donations going to Rural Aid Australia. These funds will provide urgent aid for drought affected farmers. To make your donation, click the button below and select Rural Aid Australia – Buy a Bale from the dropdown menu.

All donations are tax deductible through the SJC Ancillary Fund.


Write a Book in a Day.

Write a Book in a Day competition

What do you get when a beautician and a naturalist cross paths with a gorilla, at a motel, while joining a club?

A 4000 word story called Freedom Fighters! On Friday 27 July, a team of Year 10 boys participated in the Write a Book in a Day competition, along with teams from Years 7, 8, 9 and 11. This national team writing competition requires a team of writers to produce a 4000 – 5000 word book based on a unique set of parameters: two human characters, one non-human character, a setting and an issue. The students only receive these parameters at the start of the day and the book must be completely finished on that day so the pressure is on, but all the boys greatly enjoyed the challenge.

The competition provides some great lessons in creative writing, deadlines and teamwork but importantly, it also raises funds for children’s cancer research. Organised by The Kids’ Cancer Project, the competition last year raised over $200,000 through entry fees and team sponsorship and they hope to increase that amount this year. If you would like to sponsor the Year 10 team, please go to https://www.writeabookinaday.com/teams/sjc-year-10.

ScareCrow was written by Jordan Best, Archie Curtis, Orson Jolliffe, Lachlan Kershaw-Domingo, Jack Larkin, Hugo Lumb, Thomas Mah Chut, George Martin and Jed McKelvey. All the Joeys books will be available to read on iLearn after the competition closes on 31 August. The school has achieved success in the past with several state and national awards so we wish our teams well in their literary endeavours!



Congratulations to the following boys for receiving Academic Application Awards at today’s Assembly – Darcy Creagh, Josh D’Agostino, Angus Davidson, Adrian Dawson, Gianluca Della Picca, Cameron Horne, Orson Joliffe, Jordan Lancaster, Max MacRae, Joe McCauley, Michael Murphy, Zaki Nasr, Liam O’Connell, Henry O’Kane, Jeremy Redwin, Charles Redwin, Jonathon Ryan, Will Seyffer and William Young.