Rugby Attendance

This Saturday marks the commencement of the compulsory attendance at the First and Second XV rugby matches. To put it simply, all boys are to attend. As the boys are playing all over the place this weekend, the following applies;

  1. All students are to attend wearing their full College tracksuit.
  2. Buses depart SJC for Scots College at 1pm.
  3. Most of the Rugby fixtures are at Scots so the boys can remain there after their game.
  4. For those boys in the 13 G Rugby Team who have an 8am match they will return to the College after their game. They can either catch the bus to Scots at 1pm of you can drop your son there.
  5. The boys are free to go with you after their match but they do need to be at Scots College no later than 2pm in time for the Second XV kick off.
  6. The boys can leave with you from Scots at the conclusion of the First XV or return to the College to be collected between 5.30pm and 6pm.

Lenten Appeal

This year, St Joseph’s College will be raising funds to build a new school in Timor-Leste. This school will be built and run by the Marist Brothers and will provide much needed support for those in need. 

Year 7 have so far raised $566.50. A great effort in a short space of time. Well done boys. 

The link below provides a bit more information about the cause.