Light by Michael Grant

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This thrilling book is the last in the series and it is up to Sam and Cane to sort things out.
Diana has just had a child and she is the body of the Gaiaphage. Her name is Gaia. She is on the loose and even evil Drake and Brittany must bow down to her. She has the powers of all the opposed freaks put together and her mind set is to kill everybody in the Faze, destroy little peat and take over the world. But the kids of Perdido beach and Coats put together a team and get ready to fight back. This is the time when nobody is safe. One mistake could bring you death and bring everyone else’s as well. You must be brave and stand tall against all fear, this is what the people of the Faze are not ready to do. It’s time to work together, even two enemy brothers.
Reviewed by Callum Harris
Available in BLRC: F GRA

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