The Serpents’ Tooth by Alex Rutherford : Series – Empire of the Moghul

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REVIEW: I believe that the serpents tooth by Alex Rutherford is a great read for all boys in year 7-10.

It is historical fiction and covers the wars, betrayal and dangers faced by the leader of the Moghul Empire, Shah Jahan.

Shah Jahan ordered the building the Taj Mahal in honour of his dead wife Mumtaz Mahal in 1631. Blinded by grief  he did not see the ‘throne or coffin’ competition that his children held and he never saw the Taj Mahal. He becomes fatally ill and civil war breaks loose across the empire.

I believe that The Serpents’ Tooth is a great read that is not only satisfying but also educational.

Reviewed by Finn Waugh

Available in BLRC: F RUT

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