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Shakespeare by Bill Bryson

Shakespeare by Bill Bryson delves into the mysterious world of the most prolific author the English language has ever seen. The book is part biography of Shakespeare’s life, and part historical record. Readers will be amazed at just how little we know of the man, whose influence can still be felt almost 400 years after his death.

 Bill Bryson is his usual witty self, setting the Elizabethan and Jacobean scenes expertly, drawing the reader deeper into the hidden world of early theatre. He contrasts history with the legend of Shakespeare and introduces the reader to many of Shakespeare’s peers and rivals. In short Bill Bryson paints a picture, with the limited information available, of an English country boy with the right combination of circumstances and talent to change our world forever.

A thoroughly enjoyable read which will leave you with many more questions than when you started!

Reviewed by Mr John Cherry
Available in the RC at 822.33 BRY

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