Jan 10

After 13 hours on our United Airlines flight, and the softest landing ever experienced, we have arrived in San Francisco. Most of us managed to get a few hours sleep on the plane, although this depended on which Joeys boys you were sitting near. The usual aircraft food didn’t do a lot to help its reputation but hit the spot a few times during the flight.

So far things have run very smoothly and we are just a little ahead of time. As I type we are on our charter bus (equipped with its own WiFi) driving over the Bay Bridge (so I am told by our navigator Sam Walker). As we look out to the left we can see Alcatraz (which we will visit later in the trip) and the harbour is just massive.

Now, I know that in the USA they drive on the wrong side of the road, however, as we drive across this bridge I now realize that they also drive on top of each other – I was confused about where cars going in the opposite direction were until I was told they were above us!

It is a beautiful day here in San Francisco – about 10 degrees, clear sky with a little fog – not unlike our own winter.

So, we have this 4 hour bus trip and will arrive at Lake Tahoe at about 5:30pm. Hopefully a lunch stop is not far away and wherever we do stop … watch out!

Photo 1: Louis Collins (Year 9)James Ramm (Year 9) and Ben Williams (Year 9) show an incredible ability to maintain their energy for the whole plane trip!

Photo 2: A quick shot taken from the Bay Bridge

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