Jan 11

In most cases, the phrase “You only turn 13 once” would be accurate. For Joe Flannery (Year 8) though he has been lucky to experience it twice! On our flight to the USA he was 13 for about an hour before crossing the date line and all of a sudden becoming younger again (if only de-aging was that easy for us all). Today he woke up to be able to celebrate turning 13 for the second time!

Having never skied before, today was a pretty impressive way for Joe to celebrate his 13th birthday. I spent some time with him this afternoon and he has certainly come of age, developing his turning nicely and enjoying pointing his skis downhill to finish the runs off with speed! It won’t be long until he finds himself enjoying some of the blue runs here.

At dinner tonight, Joe was treated to a special Applebees Happy Birthday song and desert and then later this evening, in the absence of cake, Joe and his room mates enjoyed some chocolate brownies as a final celebration.

Congratulations Joe!

Photo 1: Year 8 boys Callum Paterson, Mitch Davis, Ed McKenzie and Jordan Lewis celebrate Joe’s birthday with him

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