Jan 12

We’ve now had two full days in Heavenly and as far as the weather goes, the two days have been identical – not a cloud in the sky! This has led to perfect skiing conditions where visibility is literally kilometres and the chill not too hard to handle.

I thought that today it would be good to get the boys perspective on how things are going and therefore I asked a few of the Year 12 boys (Nathan Salmon, Luke Donlon, Max Westacott and Brendon Follington to put together their summary of the day.

Thursday morning started much the same as Wednesday, except this time most of us made it out of bed and to breakfast on time. “Change” was on the agenda today as all the Year 12 boys chose to master snowboarding (as skiing was conquered the previous day and Max Westacott provided a free lesson and a discounted group rate. Needless to say all but one determined Nathan Salmon returned to the comforting familiarity of their skis.

Many memorable stacks were experienced throughout the day with Brendon Follington having a crash of considerable size, taking with him several acres of woodland and suffering a bruise on his elbow.

Nathan Salmon’s afternoon was spent in the hotel weights gym, where on his 47th rep of 250kg he was unable to lift any more and needed the assistance of Luke Donlon who was easily able to lift the weight from him. The others of us also sweated it out during the afternoon … in the sauna.

Tonight we had a buffet dinner at a local casino called Mont Bleau, with several boys taking the “All You Can Eat” opportunity to it’s furthest limits. After dinner we had some free time with boys making the most of the spa, sauna and their bed.

All in all, it was a good second day and everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly, and no doubts will do so for the rest of the trip.

There is no doubt that things are going exactly to plan at the moment and the boys are not only having a great time but are doing so sensibly and respectfully. Yes, it is hard to get them out of bed in the morning, however, seeing them on the slopes each day going non-stop I definitely understand why!

Photo 1: Banjo Travers (Year 10) enjoys the amazing conditions at the top of California.

Photo 2: Harry Hannell (Year 11) questions “do I really have to ski with that view?”

Photo 3: Nick Kovacs (Year 9), Nathan Dufficy (Year 9), Dylan Chin (Year 9), Sam Scarlett (Year 10), Jack Foster (Year 10)Mark Robinson (Year 10) Patrick Jessup (Year 10), Scott Atkin (Year 10), Rohan Downs (Year 10), Andre Bezuidenhout (Year 9), Jackson Haynes (Year 9) and Cain Nelson (Year 9) make sure that they give everything a go at the buffet!

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