Jan 13

Weather report … same old, same old … in other words … perfect! So rather than focusing on the incredible weather, let’s get straight onto what the boys have been up to on the mountain.

Today saw many of the boys being a little more adventurous with more than half of the group moving from the Nevada side of the mountain to the California side. This side has a few slightly harder runs but the advantage of having less people over there. This created some good opportunities for those with a little more experience as well as the opportunity to Mr Walker and Harry Hannell (Year 11) to get to know the Ski Patrol staff a little better. With the only way back to the gondola being a shuttle bus, many of the group spent the second half of the day on this side so they could head straight back to the lodge once the lifts closed.

Those who remained in Nevada found themselves exploring sections of each run which allowed them a little “air” or enough space to work on their backwards skiing. The latter half of the day saw a very quiet Nevada area and hence the chance to be on a run and feel as though you had it to yourself.

Enough from me though … what do the boys have to say? I spoke to many of them this evening and asked them what their most memorable moment on the slopes was today:

Mitch Davis (Year 8) said that his favourite part of the mountain is the back tracks of Nevada such as “Stage Coach” as these are longer and no one gets in the way. Ed McKenzie (Year 8) who has been boarding with Mitch explained his most memorable moment was when he somehow landed on his head and flipped and rolled and flipped and rolled down the hill after stacking it. Don’t worry … no injuries!

Lachlan Rush (Year 11) says that he is mostly enjoying the great blue skies and the long runs which compliments Sam Scarlett’s (Year 10) comments that the scenic views are just incredible.

When I asked Scott Atkin (Year 10) what his most memorable moment was he said “When I got run over by an American College chick. Now that was memorable”. He did, however, quickly decide that the amount and size of the food was also memorable, describing it by saying “Everything is just huge”.

Andre Bezuidenhout (Year 9) was not able to pick a single memorable moment as he said “I think it was falling off the side of the run, although my face plant was pretty memorable as well”.

Listening to to the boys chat on the way up chair lifts and around dinner tables, it is great to hear that they all have great stories from each day. The laughter appears to be non-stop and it is fantastic to see them having a ball but doing it sensibly, safely and respectfully.

This evening, dinner was another local Casino called Harrah’s. For those following this blog every day and starting to worry about where the boys are spending their evenings (keeping in mind we were at Mont Bleu Casino the night before), please don’t worry. The boys aren’t heading to the Blackjack tables – in the USA the casinos contain lots of family eateries and very large buffets. There are areas that kids can walk through and then areas which are restricted – no your son won’t arrive home with pockets full of chips!

As for the buffet we had … Scott Atkin’s comment sums it up perfectly. It was massive. There was everything and lots more! I guarantee you that the boys won’t come home lighter! Although with the amount of skiing they are doing it is unlikely that they will arrive home heavier!

After dinner this evening we all gathered for a night of American based trivia. Mr Thompson worked his way through three rounds of questions about lots of American questions ranging from their flag, to movies involving Alcatraz and even the singing abilities of some boys! With a few not so nutritious food as the prizes, the trivia was hotly contested with Jack Cullen (Year 11) making more than the occasional protest – generally to no avail.

We head into the weekend tomorrow where the lifts open a little earlier in order to allow everyone to get more out of the day.In addition, the boys will again have access to the terrain park. No doubt, another awesome day ahead!

Photo 1: Jordan Lewis (Year 8) and Ed McKenzie (Year 8) enjoy a short break at the top of the mountain.

Photo 2: Jack Cullen (Year 11) slides into a sudden stop.

Photo 3: Harry Dodd (Year 9) enjoys the snowboarding conditions.

Photo 4: Spencer Wilson (Year 9), Jackson Haynes (Year 9), Andre Bezuidenhout (Year 9) and Ewan Spinks (Year 9) … also known as team “Jeans and Joggers” get stuck into the trivia.

Photo 5: Louis Collins (Year 9) carves his way down the mountain.

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