Unfortunately it has not been possible for the travel company to book in lessons as a large group. So there are a few options available to ensure that your son has the lessons that you would like him to.

  • You can book your own lessons online by visiting the link which I have placed below. I found this a little confusing when I was looking through it as the packages tended to include ski hire as well (which our boys don’t need). Booking online will also mean that your son is unlikely to be in a lesson with his friends. In addition to this, I could only find full day lessons for children.
  • You can leave the bookings until we get to Lake Tahoe. Our guide in the USA will work with us to ensure that the boys can get the lessons that they are after. In this case boys are more likely to get into a lesson with their friends as well.

For those choosing the second option of organising the lessons when we are there, I have all the preferences of parents for lessons and can ensure that the  boys have the lessons (I know some parents are worried that their son will not have lessons). Keeping this in mind – if you would like to change (or still submit) your preferences for lessons for your sons then please do this as soon as possible so I can update my list and get it ready for packing. Simply let me know the days that you would like your son to have lessons.

We are hoping that as a large group when in Heavenly we will be able to get the older boys at children’s rates (currently it is 13+ as adults). Things like this though can not be negotiated online and therefore we will have to organise in America.

So, as you can see, this is an area which we don’t have a huge amount of information on but I have been assured that both our Trip Guide and our accommodation will be able to sort things for us very quickly once we are over there.

The site for the lessons is:



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