Pre-Trip Tips

 Accessing Money

There are several options available to the boys in order to access money overseas and save them carrying too  much cash. Thanks to the feedback from many parents who have given some suggestions with this. Please read all the details of these yourself as I haven’t read all the fine print yet myself and would hate for you to be caught out.

Mobile Phones

Although it is not compulsory, it is recommended that boys have access to a mobile phone. This improves mountain safety as well as allows them to call home. There are a few different options and thanks to several parents who have done some research into this that will benefit us all.

Please note that Global Roaming with Australian mobiles is excruciatingly expensive both receiving and making calls and this includes between two phones in the USA. Everyone who I have spoken to suggest avoiding this at all costs.

There are two options which appear to be worthwhile considering:

  • TravelSIM –
    There is now a specific USA option with this company. The rates appear very reasonable, particularly for short phone calls which most boys are likely to be making. There is no cost to receive calls.
  • Travelgear –
    This option appears a little more complicated as there are a few different options. The original SIM card is cheaper but you need to be careful to choose a plan that is suitable as the basic pre-paid appears to have very expensive calls to Australia. On the other hand, the monthly option call costs are very reasonable.


It is suggested that students take two bags. One for general luggage (maximum weight 23kg) and one for hand luggage on the plane (100cm).

Be careful not to over-pack. You will be basically wearing the same outfit on the slopes each day and you will need casual clothes for the evening time only. Remember that you are only going away for just over a week!

Don’t forget that the best way to keep warm is by wearing layers.

Expenses During the Trip

  • Students will need to bring sufficient money for lunch each day. $20 – $35 should be enough to purchase something warm to eat and drink each day.
  • Clothing hire will need to be paid for boys hiring clothing items.
  • A helmet must be worn and therefore, boys who do not have their own will need to hire one (about $10 per day).
  • Any upgrades of equipment or breakages/loses need to be paid for at Heavenly.
  • A small amount of money could be taken for souvenirs and gifts (especially for parents).
  • Some money will be needed for evening activities (movies etc on the second night if boys wish to do this).
  • EFTPOS facilities will be available at the airport and in Heavenly.

Other Expenses not Paid

  • Travel Insurance – all now paid for.
  • Lessons
  • Ski Clothing and Helmet.
  • Lunches
  • Medical Expenses in the case of injury
  • Payments for losses of gear.

Exchange Rate

  • Although it changes all the time, the current exchange rate is pretty much at parity, meaning that $1 in Australian money is equal to $1 in American money.
  • If you haven’t done so already it would be recommended to get American cash BEFORE getting to the airport. You are likely to get a better rate and pay less of a charge.
  • You can check out the current exchange rate on the right of this page.

Safety on the Slopes

  • Students will be expected to check in with the staff at set locations and times during the day.
  • Students must ski/board in groups of 3 as a minimum. Preferably groups of 4 or more.
  • Helmets are compulsory.
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