Augmented reality and QR codes

This presentation was from Greg Gebhart from IT Vision

He kicked off with some clever uses of QR codes, but quickly moved on to a topic that really brings out the geek in me: augmented reality (I am sure that there is a cyborg in all of us just waiting to be booted up!… or is it just me?)
For the QR stuff, just google “QR codes in education” and you will get a taste of the possibilities 
Greg showed use of the Layar augmented reality app –
Take a look at the Ray Ban sunnies application of VR and you can get the idea.
Also looked at 

Ar crossair

Smartgrid  digital hologram
to get the idea
Incidental things to check out that came from this talk were:
Sites to generate shortened web links 

Bitly URL shortened

Common craft website for tech explanations
Wiki tube

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